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Chatbot Meekan is a cross-vendor calendar scheduling platform, enabling you to connect with everyone, on any calendar, hassle-free. Besides, as an advantage, Meekan understands human-readable requests.

How does it work? Add chatbot @meekan to any of your Slack channels, and request a new meeting. It can be just you or add another people. Meekan will match everyone’s calendars, and immediately find common free times. Chatbot cooperates with Google, iCloud, and Office365.

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Chatbot commands

  • "Meekan, schedule a team meeting tomorrow afternoon, and find us a room"
  • "Meekan, how busy am I on Wednesday?"
  • "Meekan, reschedule my 1pm"
  • "Meekan, we want to have dinner next Monday"

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