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Max “The Body” Philisaire is a highly certified Los Angeles Online Personal Trainer, fitness lifestyle coach and EHPlabs founding athlete with over 18 years of bodybuilding experience. While serving in the military, Max used fitness training as a survival too to keep his fellow soldiers motivated. He is best known for his mental and spiritual approach to muscle gain and fat loss, results-driven, high performance customized training programs, and his ability to motivate.

Philisaire was born in Haiti to an Afro-Haitian father and mother. He is also a U.S. Military combat war veteran. While deployed overseas, he used his bodybuilding training as a survival tool to keep himself and his fellow soldiers motivated. Max’s capacity to effectively communicate the importance of implementation for quick results encourages his clients to maximum their potential. Before becoming “The Body,” Max struggled with his own obstacles but triumphed with hard work and dedication. He now leads by example and shares insight with men and women around the world through appearances, his website and social media platforms.

He launched Max The Body Club to provide programs for men and women to increase their quality of life through overall wellness. Max inspires his clients to increase their activity level and maintain a well-balanced meal plan to achieve their fitness goals. He’s excited to share his personal training approach with his global audience. Self-discipline and selflessness will guide you to the path of true happiness. Max looks forward to becoming a driving force in the fight against obesity and disease.

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