Matthew Ganzak

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Matthew Ganzak is a leading marketing strategist for top influencers, specializing in leveraging technology to scale businesses. Matt is the founder of PriceMatch Pro, MyCredits, and has co-founded many other companies and applications. Matt is responsible for building multiple seven figure companies and consulting for millionaires and billionaires. Matt teaches entrepreneurs how to create information products, sell books, and grow their online influence in his ScaleUP Academy courses. Through his marketing efforts, Matt has sold millions of dollars in products and services worldwide, has been featured on television and on popular blogs. Matt is the author of the Million Dollar Plan book, creator of a popular podcast on iTunes, frequent viral content creator and rising influencer in social media. His focus is to help entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and is dedicated to creating valuable workshops and training to help share the top strategies that are working right now.

But when asked what his favorite marketing campaign to date, Matt said, “in 2005 I was working for a group of radio stations and one night I was watching the devastation that Hurricane Katrina caused and I wanted to do something. So I strategized and launched a marketing campaign that allowed us to broadcast live for an entire week of fundraising for relief funds to donate to those in need. After a 5-day campaign, we raised over $100,000 for relief, and during that week I realized how I can use my marketing talents to help others in need. A pivotal moment in my career and my most cherished marketing campaign to date.”

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