Math Calculations

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Hello! I'm the calculator bot, you can send me things to calculate. Here are a few examples:

'1+1' '9*38(139.192/123,3)'

And so on... it's also possible to type like a normal person like:

'1 plus 1' '9 times 38 (129.192 divided by 123,3)'

Or even 'hello tell me what is 1 multiplied by 12983.32 divided by 9

So you can replace

  • with 'plus',
  • with 'minus', / with 'divided by',
  • with 'times' or 'x' or 'multiplied by', ^ with 'to the power of', root with 'square root' and % with 'mod'

The bot also has the following functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, log Example: 'sin 45 plus log 19 - (8 ^ sin 45)'


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