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The story of how the CEO of Marketing Atlantic Joshua Picou founded it.

How are people reaching out to people these days, if I had to think I would say social media. Right? Growing up in a little town not to far from where I now resign called Lakeshore MS, times weren't as easy as there are now. The moment I knew that I wanted to be a entrepreneur was about 10 years ago, and if you know my age I was just ten a little boy lol. Having the entrepreneur mind-set I would walk down the road to my neighbors house around fall time to rake Ms. Roses leaves for some money.

I really didn't understand the value of money just yet. Shortly after knowing that I could make a quick buck by helping people I moved on to helping other neighbors with other tasks like cutting grass, and moving things for them, such as furniture, etc. Fast forwarded five years, moving in with my dad. Is the grass greener on the other side? I will find out. When I moved to this new place not knowing what to expect, or what to imagine my life would be like. This place was called New Orleans (Nola) if you're from there. Many of my friends I have today live here. I didn't know that I would call this place my home for the rest of my life. Why the rest of my life? Because this place has taught me many things, and will continuing to.

The next stage in my life was when I applied for my first job being only sixteen it was scary, and nerve racking if I could say myself. Getting this job gave me a true reality of the world, and shown me the value of money. The short two years working for Chick-Fil-A I had a clear view of where I wanted to be. From a young age I loved social media all ways knowing about the latest meme or trends social media had a sense of connections that I liked. From that Marketing Atlantic grew from my passion to help people, and to create connections we became a Marketing Agency. I felt that if I gave back to the local community, I would find myself actually doing something to help others. This is the reason for Founding Marketing Atlantic. The reason I'm telling my story to everyone is to inspire other entrepreneur like myself to keep the grain going, and to NEVER stop chases your DREAMS. The days will get longer and harder. Finally, you WILL have the people around you to help you with those tough days.everyone who took the time to read the history of Marketing Atlantic.

Much Thanks, Picou

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