Marie Lexa

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Marie Lexa helps new coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs build and market businesses to generate $10,000 per month in profits or more.

Marie is passionate about redefining success and leveraging talent and creativity to create a life in which freedom, money, and balance are abundant. She believes that a woman can “have it all” and should not need to compromise on any of her desires.

Marie’s background is in strategy consulting, after graduating from London Business School. She has learned from and worked with leaders in the industry, including Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Stephanie Nickolich, Emily Williams, Dani Watson, and Jacqueline Hurst. For more information, visit Marie at

If you're a new coach, consultant, or service-based entrepreneur and are ready to build a successful business, apply for a complimentary Breakthrough Session here:

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