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MailClark allows your team to send & receive emails, tweets and Twitter Direct Messages without leaving Slack.

There's so much MailClark can do for your team:

  • Host the help desk of your Customer Support team,
  • Work in Slack with clients or colleagues who only use email or Twitter,
  • Create a team inbox for your Sales or Marketing team,
  • Receive alerts, mentions or newsletters in a channel,
  • Reply to your personal emails (e.g. Gmail, Outlook) or tweets in a private channel,
  • And more!

Getting started is easy: You just need to invite MailClark to your preferred channel to set up an inbox in Slack.

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@mailclark help Get help!

@mailclark settings : Get—and edit if needed—the settings of a channel.

@mailclark [email protected] Send a new email or tweet.

@mailclark archive Archive inactive channels.

@mailclark pause @mailclark start Pause/start automatic sending.