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We’re Madison Marketing Group, an Inbound Marketing firm and HubSpot Certified Partner based in Madison, Wisconsin. We specialize in connecting a wide range of medium-to-large size B2B companies with modern consumers interested in investing in franchising opportunities of their own.

At Madison Marketing Group, we understand that when the consumer world changes,the marketing world must be quick to adapt. That’s why we specialize in Email Marketing, Blogging, SEO, and Social Media Marketing––a comprehensive approach to digital marketing that focuses on engagement instead of interruption. We aren’t interested in traditional marketing tactics, because like you, we’re tired of being bombarded with hard sales.

Our strategies foster actionable, purposeful approaches to building brand awareness, delivering compelling content, widening online reach, and driving website traffic—all with the intention of converting leads into loyal customers and franchise partners.

At Madison Marketing Group, our success depends on yours. We love working with companies both locally in the Dane County area as well as nationally around the country who are ready to supplement their efforts with an online strategy.

Our ultimate goal is to bring synergy to your marketing and sales strategies, to improve your conversion rates, to reduce the costs of ineffective marketing techniques, and to watch your company grow and succeed.

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