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Don't you love it, when the places you love, love you right back? Loyalie allows you to get stamped at your beloved merchant locations. Collect stamps and redeem them for exciting rewards unique to each Merchant location.

No longer do you have to fill out long forms to join loyalty programs. Whether you are buying coffee from your favourite café, shopping at your local grocery store, or just getting a haircut at your regular salon , with one app and one tap, you will be eligible for a whole new world of royal treatment with better service and amazing offers.

All you have to do to collect stamps is scan a QR code and enter in a password provided to the merchants and you are good to go!

Loyalie hasn't forgotten about your existing loyalty cards; we have kept these oldboys alive by incorporating them into our digital platform. Never again will you lose your card or miss out a chance to earn rewards on your purchases.

Loyalie is there to help customers like you:

  • Earn and redeem stamps; which assists in gaining discounts/freebies at businesses you love.
  • Track your ongoing reward program's progress at multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Discover previously unknown local businesses offering fun and exciting rewards.
  • Get notified about new offers and sales at your favourite stores.
  • Store your existing legacy programs in one easy-to-use digital platform.

Loyalie is live in Kolkata & Bangalore; It is making its way to other cities across India. Get Conected, Get Rewarded.

Didn't find your favorite restaurant, café, pub, shop, spa, saloon, etc. on Loyalie? Write to us at and let us do the rest!

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