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Since ancient times, people have been playing cupid to create countless pair of lovers. Today, the ways to connect people and develop into romantic relationship have continued to progress.

This is where Love Journey, unlike any other typical marriage agencies, comes into play to assist single men and women in overcoming obstacles through building their confidence, realising their charisma, boost self-worth and eventually become a better person to find love and embrace happiness.

Love Journey also provide pairing services for those who are ready to meet their better half. As marriage is a one in a lifetime event, we are serious and strict at choosing our members.

Confirmed members will be given necessary training and advice in order to make them stand out during the process of getting together.


而Love Journey 是一间恋爱咨询室,与一般的婚姻介绍所不一样的是,我们协助单身男女克服障碍,发掘自己的优势和魅力,并学习如何自我提升价值,让自己变得更好更棒地去迎接爱情,拥抱幸福。

Love Journey也提供配对服务,为已经准备好的你觅得佳缘。因为婚姻是神圣的,也是人一生的大事,所以我们严格挑选我们的会员并给于咨询及训练, ,让他们在配对的时候能够把更好的自己表现出来。

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