#104 Amazon Alexa Global Rank is now on Alexa - with the most current lottery results and jackpot info on the two most popular lotto games, Powerball and Mega Millions.

This skill delivers you the winning lottery numbers, jackpot sizes, and upcoming draw dates directly from Soon to have 400+ games!

To get started, enable the skill and ask for:

Latest game results:
- Alexa, ask for what the latest Powerball results are.
- Alexa, ask for Mega Millions results.

Draw dates:
- Alexa, ask when the next Powerball draw is.
- Alexa, ask when the next Mega Millions draw is.

Jackpot sizes:
- Alexa, ask how big the Powerball jackpot is.
- Alexa, ask what the jackpot is for Mega Millions.

This skill is not associated nor has any affiliation with Powerball, Mega Millions lotteries, or any state lottery game.

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