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We are Lokalii. We are your curious, fun loving, adventure seeking friends. We wanted to put all the hidden gems that make you love your city, or love someone else’s city like your home city, in one place. We wanted you to cross paths with the lokals that live down the street or across the globe.

We started from a simple premise. We wanted to put lokal experiences on everyone’s doorstep, whether their doorstep was in Tokyo or Tuscany, whether that doorstep was lined with heels or flats or sneakers…because Lokali is made for walking miles and miles in different shoes or snowboards, or scuba fins or bare feet, or…you get the drift. So come in, take off your jacket and have a seat. Make yourself at home with Lokalii. Share your lokal experiences with us, dip into our pool of experiences and plan your next big adventure, or simply share your world the Lokalii way.

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