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LX Corporation was formed in October 12, 2015, and recently acquired LoadXtreme— the first and leading Telco-agnostic Unified Prepaid Loading System in the Philippines, from its previous operator, VMobile Technologies Inc. (VMobile).

With over 1.3 million registered subscribers since 2003, LoadXtreme® is the oldest and largest community of prepaid products consumers and distributors today.

The team who originally created and developed LoadXtreme® platform in June of 2003 remains to be behind its success and is more committed to enriching the lives of its subscribers thru ubiquitous technologies. The time-tested and proven features of LoadXtreme® has provided a steady source of opportunity and convenience.

LoadXtreme’s extensive network and versatile mobile capability also attracted other merchants and financial services provider like Smart eMoney, Globe G-Cash, Generika Drug Store and e-Plus Tap-to-Pay. Aggregation is the key strategy of LoadXtreme® in bringing access to different products and services.

LX Corporation is committed to keeping LoadXtreme® a channel for all access, all for you. VISION

We envision to empower people in the pursuit and fulfillment of their dreams; providing equal opportunities for people to achieve and live better lives; to continuously develop dynamic Technopreneurs who care for the community and its environment, and responsibly takes an active role in nation-building. MISSION

We are committed to empowering people thru its sustainable empowerment programs and platforms that advance entrepreneurial ingenuity using technology applications and innovations.

We shall continue to be a market leader in the development of solutions and applications that addresses the need for Corporate, Direct Sales and Non-traditional marketing and product distribution utilizing innovative and convergent use of internet, information and communication technologies.

We aim to provide our employees with personal and career development. We shall constantly improve our customer relations and services by reducing customer-response time to the shortest possible time. Lastly, we aim to give our shareholders fair return on their equity. ADVOCACY Empowerment Thru Technology.

We believe in empowering the Filipinos through our tested Technology. We want to provide viable business opportunities to our fellowmen who want to become entrepreneurs. We want our members to realize their dreams. Most importantly, we want to make a difference by helping them become independent and successful TECHNOPRENEURS.

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