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TELEPRENEUR CORP (TPC) is a duly registered 100% Filipino owned company with SEC Reg. no. CS201115301. The company provides All Network Prepaid Loads, as well as various wellness products, through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). The Incorporators of the company consist of dynamic individuals well equipped with MLM expertise along with an IT highly skilled in developing MLM systems. Their combined knowledge and experiences in the MLM and Prepaid Loading Industries resulted in TPC having the fastest, most reliable E-loading system. Now, TPC stands as the leading MLM Direct Selling Company in terms of All Network Prepaid Loading. A very unique compensation plan backed-up with a superb IT system also makes TELEPRENEUR CORP the most generous company in terms of payouts.

TELEPRENEUR CORP Dealers enjoy easy-to-use and customer-oriented services accessible through constantly updated SMS facilities. Furthermore, every valued Dealer is assured of continued all out support to ensure an attainable, sustainable, highly profitable and hassle-free business for every investment entrusted to our company.

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