Lingvanex Translator

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High-quality translation based on neural networks for 50+ languages.

This bot can translate any text or words, convert text to speech, give definitions for any words.

This bot can

  • translate any text or words
  • convert text to speech
  • give definitions for any words
  • dictionary
  • search by examples of translations

Translate text in more than 100 languages. Сommands list: /help

Бот умеет переводить текст, слова и фразы на 100+ языков. Список доступных команд: /help

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translate - [text] Translate text

examples - Get relevant translations in context with real-life examples

meaning - [word] Find word definition, alternate translations and synonyms

say - [text] Convert text to speech

lang - [from] [to] Change translation language

locale - [code] Change bot language

limits - Check usage statistics and limits

help - Learn how to use this bot

rate - Rate our bot ⭐️

feedback - Share your feedback with us