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Lighthouse monitors activities you did not know were happening in your Slack team and alerts you when sensitive activities require your attention. Lighthouse empowers Slack Administrators by giving them full visibility to stay in control. Choose from a variety of alerts you wish Lighthouse to monitor 24/7:

  • Track and acknowledge day-to-day activities created by your team directly from Slack;
  • Easily overview security level from a real-time monitoring dashboard;
  • Live monitor sensitive documents shared publicly;
  • Monitor credit card numbers shared in public channels;
  • Manage profanity and react quickly;
  • Detect malicious URLs;
  • Manage files shared in public channels;
  • Easily add your own personalized Regex and let Lighthouse manage alerts you;
  • Customize alerts based on what really matters to you;
  • And much more! Lighthouse is a powerful add-on that allows you to safely use Slack to its full potential.
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