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Lewis is a virtual concierge who lives in your phone. On Facebook Messenger. He knows how to get to, from and around London. Lewis was built to help you when you are in London.

All you have to do is talk to him. Browse the details of London's 6 airports. Or ask Lewis the best way from Heathrow or the cheapest way Gatwick. All from within your messaging app. Lewis has devided London into 9 areas with 45 must-see attractions. Browse the areas, ask things to do in south London or to do Camden to get to know them. Ask for essentials to find out more about day-to-day life, public transport, the culture, money usage and health & safety. Or ask something like how to use a Boris bike?.

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I want to go on a walk

Show me the activities on Monday

Best time to go to Tower bridge

Things to do in Camden

Tell me more about West End

Best time to go to Tate modern

Things to do in Kensington

best way from the city to heathrow

fastest way from heathrow

most convenient option from heathrow to city

Can I safely drink the water in England

Can I get a tax refund?

Do I need a visa?

What's the time in London?

How do I use the Boris Bikes?