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Company Overview The LEGO Group’s (that’s us!) story is a rather nice and simple one we think.

Our Founding Father, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, was a master carpenter and joiner. In 1932, he began to manufacture toys for sale in Billund, Denmark and from then on the LEGO brand was born!

The world-famous LEGO Brick didn’t make an appearance until a little later on in the 50’s. Since then, we’ve brought various toys, play experiences and teaching materials to over 130 countries.

Did you know that on average, every person on this planet owns 80 LEGO bricks? That’s a whole lotta bricks and we’re pretty happy about that! It also means that we’re the 4th largest manufacturer of play materials in the whole entire world, probably in the entire Galaxy!

You can find out even more about us on our very informative timeline. It took us ages to build up (no pun intended – maybe a little!)

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