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We know baseball. We love baseball. To us the other sports are a necessary evil – sports that were created by those that did not understand our great game… maybe they didn’t understand it, maybe they weren’t good at it; you be the judge. This exact passion for baseball is why Korked is so righteous. We don’t do football. We don’t do basketball. We don’t do soccer. We do baseball and only baseball. We have put painstaking effort into our Bullpen Blog and apparel; engineering everything for our toughest critics, true ball players. And after years of development and fine tuning, we have finally emerged with a product that meets—no, exceeds – a ball players highest standards for apparel excellence.

Simply put, Korked is the best apparel brand out there. Comfortable, soft, aerodynamic and most of all utterly RAW, Korked is everything a baseball brand should be. We are a weekend BBQ in the sun. That perfect day out at the ball game. Hitting dingers and rounding the bases. Striking out the side, for 9 straight innings. Korked is a mixture of a Rollie Fingers mustache and a Tim Lincecum flow. Don’t take our word for it, though, try our apparel out for yourself. If you are not satisfied send your order back. Simple as that. That is why we have such a lenient return policy – because our gear speaks for itself. It’s time to take the plunge and join the home run pimping, hair flowing, non-semi pro brand. Your batting average and ERA will thank you for it.

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