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我们在1961年成立至今,刚设立了KHIND GALLERIA。它展示了Khind-Mistral工业有限公司所制造的电风扇以及其它种类的电器产品。

众所周知,小朋友是国家未来的主人翁。除了在学堂上课增加知识以外,我司坚信以亲身体验电风扇的制造过程中,足以让孩子们在实践中学习与成长,启发思维及扩大视野。因此,GALLERIA KHIND是最佳及理想的场所,并且让大家吸取终身经验。

作为一个社会责任的企业,我们诚挚地邀请您一起莅临我司GALLERIA KHIND,这样不仅可获得第一手生产电器产品过程的经验,这也是对大家的人生成长有所帮助。

我司KHIND-MISTRAL INDUSTRIES SDN BHD坐落于著名生态旅游乡镇鱼米之乡 — 适耕庄。除了参观工厂外,贵校生也可亲睹绿油油的稻田、水稻机、水稻博物馆、水果园、渔村里的海产,以及更多的适耕庄景点。仅此一游,必能让大家获益良多与开拓视野。

We have recently completed the setting up of KHIND GALLERIA which showcases the various types of fans and other electrical products manufactured by Khind-Mistral Industries Sdn Bhd from the day of our inception in 1961 until today.

As we all know, the children are the future of our country, we would like to play a part in their development. Apart from the formal learning in schools, we also believe that children also learn from seeing and experiencing things themselves. Hence, KHIND GALLERIA is a perfect place for them to gain that valuable lifelong experience.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we humbly invite you to visit KHIND GALLERIA to gain first hand’s experience of fans and other electrical products manufacturing processes.

Our factory, KHIND-MISTRAL INDUSTRIES SDN BHD is located in the famous eco-tourism township of Sekinchan. Besides visiting our factory, the students would definitely broaden their horizons by the vast paddy fields, paddy mills, paddy museum, fruits orchards, fishing villages, varieties of seafood and others Sekinchan can offer.

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