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With the Kevo skills for Amazon Alexa, you now have the ability to lock/unlock as well as check the status of your Kevo Smart Lock(s) using voice commands. To use with Alexa, you will need to set up the Kevo Smart Lock with Kevo Plus. Place the Kevo Plus to minimize the distance between the Gateway and Kevo Lock to ensure Bluetooth connectivity.

To get started:
1. Enable the Kevo skill within the Alexa App
2. Link your Kevo Smart Lock account to give the Kevo skill permission to access your locks.
3. Set up a PIN for the unlocking feature.
4. Interact with Kevo through the Kevo skill

Alexa, ask Kevo to list my locks.
Alexa, ask Kevo to check the front door.
Alexa, ask Kevo to lock my front door.
Alexa, ask Kevo to unlock my front door.

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