Kenyt Real Estate Assistant

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Kenyt real estate assistant is a chatbot made for builders & developers (as opposed to agents). It is made available on developer's website and on Facebook messenger (made under own name of developer, e.g. 'ABC Developer chatbot' for messenger).

GOAL: The goal of the chatbot is:

  • Converting developer's website and Facebook visitors to high-quality (qualified) leads
  • Client engagement and satisfaction, through meaningful conversation
  • Developer’s brand image improvement, through the usage of a smart bot on their website and Facebook

DETAILS: Kenyt chatbot engages with prospect buyers, who are looking for more information about the property, and answer all their queries. The queries could be property specific (e.g. 'what is the carpet area of the 2-bedroom apartment'), developer specific (e.g. 'what are your upcoming properties in Cambridge'), or general real estate queries (e.g. 'Can I get a mortgage with 0% downpayment')

Kenyt uses advanced NLP technologies, so chatbot is able to understand most questions in natural language. It can understand grammar variations and correct typos. Since it is focused exclusively on real estate, its training database is optimised very well for real estate queries. Since the same engine is used in all real estate customer bots, it keeps learning about new questions and contexts, and every customer gets benefit.

Visitor can even ask opinions (not only facts). Kenyt chatbot has inbuilt AI engine which can analyse and compare information on the fly, and give opinions on certain complex questions. E.g. ’which type of houses can appreciate more in next 3 years?’, ‘which size apartment is good for my family?’

Kenyt chatbot can also ask prompting questions. Purpose of prompting could be – to get more information about client’s question, to get lead details (e.g. phone, email), or to just engage more with the client. It also remembers visitor and previous chat context (either by Facebook ID or a cookie on computer). So next time same person comes, chatbot can engage in a more contextual way.

At the end of each chat, chatbot creates a lead entry at the back end, containing all key information about the client, that it filtered from the conversation. This lead is added to the dashboard, as well as sent in daily email, to be followed up by the developer's sales team.

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Most natural language queries, such as:

  • 'Give me details of the property?'
  • 'Show me 3 bhk flats you have?'
  • 'What is the carpet area of luxury flat?'