Keep Sydney Open

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Keep Sydney Open is a group of Sydney music venues, cultural organisations and concerned citizens joining together to fight the imposed lockouts.

We support safe nights in a global city.

But this is about more than just the lockouts, this is about creating the kind of city we want to live in, and one we are proud to show to the world.

In New South Wales, the rate of alcohol-related assaults had been declining since 2008 and by 2013, were at their lowest since 2002. Despite this, the NSW State Government introduced harsh lockout laws.

Late-night trading in Sydney had already been heavily regulated over the last decade, resulting in favourable crime statistics. The small-bar rejuvenation also created venues that focus on culture, entertainment and socialising in safe environments, allowing our city to grow and innovate. The lockouts have turned back the clock on Sydney and its once lively late-night scene is now riddled with job losses, venue closures and an eerie ambience.

Venues that offer late-night cultural entertainment are part of the solution, not the problem. The venues that make up Keep Sydney Open all have strong safety records, and are vital to Sydney’s reputation as a dynamic global hub.

We support live music. We support jobs and small-business. We support effective measures like public awareness campaigns and improved transport. We support the rights of law-abiding citizens, and we challenge the demonisation of life after dark.

Our aim is to Keep Sydney Open.

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