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With the KAYAK skill on Alexa, you can track flights, discover new destinations and jump-start your travel planning. Even better, we’ve made it possible for you to book hotels* with the power of your voice (heck yeah). Just another step in making travel planning totally hands-free.

Have a destination in mind? Check prices on flights, hotels and rental cars with the KAYAK skill. Want to see how far you can go on your budget? Alexa will use KAYAK Explore to tell you where in the world you can travel. Waiting for the in-laws to land? Receive real-time flight status updates on command through KAYAK's Flight Tracker. Travel is (literally) at your command.

Wanna give it a spin? Here are a few things you can ask:

Discover new destinations on your budget
“Alexa, ask KAYAK where can I go for 500 dollars.”

Track a flight
“Alexa, ask KAYAK to track Delta flight 1109.”

Search for rental cars
“Alexa, ask KAYAK how much it costs to rent a car in Chicago.”

Set a default airport
“Alexa, tell KAYAK to set my home airport to Boston.”

*To book a hotel using the KAYAK skill, you’ll need to add your traveler and credit card information to your account. While you can still use the KAYAK skill for Alexa without signing up, an account is required for booking hotels, creating Price Alerts, saving hotels & cars, and accessing KAYAK Trips.

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