Kain Kyi Restaurant - ကိန္ျကည္ စားေသာက္ဆိုင္

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At Kain Kyi Restaurant in Myanmar, we are proud to present to you the best in Chinese Cuisine,Kain Kyi Roast Duck, Hai Nan chicken rice, KainKyi Noodles etc. Our Style of cuisine is considered to be China's finest regional cooking style, known for its fresh and delicate flavours. We have a saying in China, ... to eat well is to live well, with the quality and variety of what we eat relecting our good fortune and the very essence of what the best of life is all about... With this understanding, we set out to use the finest and freshest ingredients and endeavour to preserve the natural flavours and nutrition of our food. We hope you can enjoy the experience of fine Chinese cuisine, in an elegant and sophisticated setting at our restaurant.

The restaurant itself, arranged on two levels, seats around 300 people with various table size to accomodate large and small parties

Why not visit our Restaurant and experience the wonderful food and atmosphere yourself?

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