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The Lost City Inc. is an experience engineering company that designs and builds Experience Parks. It is a top name in experience engineering known for every time traveller.

The most famous of these parks are ancient cities based on meticulous anthropological and cultural historical research.

The most successful parks have been New York 1964, Oulu 2008, Mtwara 1995, Grandola 1974, Ayutthaya 1689, Rome 27 BC, Reykjavik 2027 and Turku 2011.

From the very beginning the main designer and the head guide has been Don Walsh.

The main personnel of the company are:

Janne 'Eraser' Saarakkala Pekko 'On The Other Hand' Koskinen Pirjo 'The Simulator' Yli-Maunula Jonna 'Drama Queen' Wikström Tomi 'The Witness' Hurskainen Toni 'The Garbage' Alatalo Vaatu 'Christmas' Kalajoki Antti 'Franco Pollo' Kaarlela Jouni 'Ooo' Järvenpää Sini-Sisko 'Butterfly Effect' Kalajoki Heidi 'The Bag' Kesti Mikko 'The Alternative' Korsulainen

Other personnel to be updated soon...

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