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Welcome to the Jaguar Singapore Facebook page. This is where we'll post the latest Jaguar news and updates. It's also a space for you to ask questions, or share Jaguar-related news, pictures and videos.

We’d rather not have to delete anything, but we will remove posts if they are irrelevant to our community, disrespectful to others or if they don’t comply with Facebook’s Terms of Use. In some circumstances, we may block repeat offenders.

We’ll remove posts that fall into the following categories:

  • Abusive, threatening, indecent, explicit or discriminatory language and content

  • Intentional interruption or disruption of discussion

  • Links that direct people to irrelevant sites or adverts

  • Spam, or content that has no relevance to Jaguar fans

  • Corrupt or illegal content

  • Commercial solicitation or requests for donations

Also, please remember that Facebook is a public place, so anything you post on our wall will be visible to anyone looking at the page. Photos of your vehicle are posted at your own risk, but we recommend that you conceal your numberplate.

We know that most of these rules go without saying. But we want to ensure that the page remains a welcoming environment for all Jaguar fans.

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