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Chairman Letter

Thank you for your interest in JAC for home appliance industries, and welcome to our Official Facebook Page

JAC company has succeeded over the years in making our assumption of reputation, through all the products and services of quality, flexibility and confidence, and he was the primary factor for this achievement a permanent quest to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Today with growing our business and we remain committed to our philosophy of producing high quality products according to the highest international standards, and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, human capital investment, and maintain our standing as useful citizens

During the wave of changes sweeping the world, we see that our human assets are important, so we invest in them through training and continuous development that puts them at the highest level. They are ready to work under difficult conditions and demanding, and the most important priorities continuity of our operations very well

JAC has a key role in the electrical household appliances industry in the region and we have ambitious plans to grow amidst competitive markets, and through our manufacture and develop the best electrical appliances JAC will continue strove, not only maintain the prestige and reputation but also strengthened through the development and ongoing success in all aspects of our business.

whether you are a current or prospective clients the Holy to us support is great appreciated in our continuing quest to grow and participate in the development of electrical household appliances industry

Farag Nafea Chairman

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