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Did you know that when your flight gets delayed, your airlines owes you compensation? This compensation is not a food coupon or a hotel stay. It is “real” money (up to $650 per ticket).

Track your flight with Instalocate and as soon as your flight is eligible for the compensation, we will notify you and automatically apply for your compensation. Don’t let that “free” money go!

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Our mission is to ensure a worry free travel experience. Instalocate provides the most contextual information like security wait time, delay alerts, web check-in, baggage allowance etc. It keeps your family informed while you are in mid air, and it helps you get a cab as soon as the flight lands.

Instalocate is your personal travel assistant available 24x7. You can now travel with peace of mind!

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  • Track Emirates 225
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  • Has EK 225 landed?
  • What is the status of Emirates 225?
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