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This is Gonzalo Arzuaga, founder of Inspower. Welcome to my FB page!

Serial Internet entrepreneur turned motivational author, I already wrote 10 books on inspiration, motivation and self-help.

You can find 2 of my books on Amazon Kindle, where my description reads:

Born in the countryside of Argentina in 1971, Gonzo Arzuaga is a successful internet entrepreneur, who lived in 5 countries, speaks 5 languages, and a prolific writer in the personal development and motivational niche with 10 books to his name.

Check out Reframing Failure and Sales Secrets by Kids at Amazon:

I love inspirational and motivational quotes. So much so that 25 years ago I started writing my own!

Since I'm a kid I've been in love with quotes, fables, and short tales. It was only later in life that I learned the reason why I love them so much: They are really powerful because they reach our emotional side, without our brain interrupting with opinionated left brain.

I'm a big believer that change is possible. That determination will get you to your destination, and that nothing beats action.

Read more about me here and about the Inspower movement I created at and learn with millions are getting inspired every day on social networks.

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