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本Facebook專頁是由IKEA香港宜家家居社交媒體小組負責管理,在IKEA香港宜家家居的互動平台上,我們會與大家分享更多家居布置靈感、創意貼士、設計經驗、及有趣新奇的生活資訊。而我們同樣會聆聽大家對我們的產品及服務等各方面的意見。雖然Facebook不是直接的顧客服務平台,但我們會盡力回應查詢,或將有關的查詢及意見交給IKEA團隊內有經驗的同事處理 。

如有其他查詢,可電郵至 [email protected]

<免責聲明> 香港宜家家居及本專頁由The Dairy Farm Company, Limited 牛奶有限公司(下稱「香港宜家家居」、「本公司」、「我們」)所擁有及營運。






本專頁所提供之推廣/產品資訊均以店舖為準,如有爭議,香港宜家家居保留最終之決定權。如對產品及推廣有任何查詢,歡迎於本專頁留言, 我們會盡力回應。或可致電顧客服務熱線31250888(服務時間為 10:30 – 20:00或登入本公司網頁 以電郵查詢。

IKEA Hong Kong and This Page are owned by The Dairy Farm Company, Limited 牛奶有限公司 t/a IKEA Hong Kong (“IKEA Hong Kong, we, us, our).

This Page is operated by means of real-time uploading of messages. “IKEA Hong Kong” disclaims any liability for the authenticity, accuracies and impartiality of the contents of the messages, as well as any personal opinion contained in the messages.

All messages represent only the personal opinion of the persons who left the messages, but not the point of view of the operator of this Page. Users should not rely on the messages’ contents, but should make his/her own judgment as to the authenticity, accuracies and impartiality of the same. As the messages are uploaded instantly, we are not able to monitor all messages. If user discovers any issue in relation to any message, please contact us immediately.

“IKEA Hong Kong'' has the absolute right to keep or delete any message, or to refuse anyone uploading a message onto or using the Page. Selling or bidding activities are not encouraged on this Page. “IKEA Hong Kong'' may remove the users' comments without notifying the author at its absolute discretion. “IKEA Hong Kong'' will not be responsible for any damages in the case of the user having his or her comment removed when conducting above mentioned activities on this Page.

Please do not use any language or leave any message which is of defamatory, obscene, indecent or violent nature. All our rights are reserved.

“IKEA Hong Kong'' may collect the personal information of the users when the user plays our games or contacts us for inquiries. Personal information collected will solely be for following-up and game contact purposes. We may, together with responsible third parties, contact our users via various channels.

All information provided on this Page concerning our promotions and products are for reference only, the information provided in our stores are the final version. In case of dispute, IKEA Hong Kong reserves all the rights to for the final decision. For inquiries, please feel free to leave a comment on this Page and we will do our best to respond. You may also call us at our Customer Service Hotline at 3125 0888 (Service hours: 10:30 – 20:00) or via email through our company website

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