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We were HOOKED on cruising from our very first time. It was defininitely our style of vacation. Beautiful ships. Unpacking once. Waking up in a different exotic location every day. Amazing food and entertainment. Yep...that's for us!

As we cruised more often and posted our adventures on social media we found ourselves fielding tons of questions from friends about cruising. Evetually it got to the point that we would help them plan their cruises with them. We'd help them get their cruises booked, make sure they had everything in order prior to flying out and even dicussing the options for excursions in different ports.

Ya know, Sherri said one day, people are going to start thinking we are travel professionals.

Both of us had to let that one sink in a little bit. But finally we came to the conclusion that we LOVE helping our friends and family find the perfect cruise for them. In December of 2016 we decided to take our hobby and passion and make it our profession!

So if you are looking for that special getaway...we can help. And something you should watch for...KIERAN AND SHERRI GROUP CRUISES. These are cruises that we put together for best pricing and amenities for the group...AND we are on the cruise with the group!!! Cruising with a group is so much fun. And if you are a first timer it's even more perfect. Cruising for the first time can be a little scary. But when you go with us we make sure you get all of the little things done so that you can have the best experience on your cruise.

Come cruising with us. You'll have the time of your life. And maybe you'll fall in love with cruising just like we have.

Kieran & Sherri Murry Ignite-U Travel

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