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IFRS Rookies is designed to be an interactive textbook and tutor ready to help you learn more about IFRS at the introductory or intermediate level, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can interact with IFRS Rookies through the menu options presented or you can type a word or two in the text field describing what you would like to learn about and using artificial narrow intelligence our chatbot will guide you to the appropriate information. You will be presented with flashcard style bubbles with links through to more text based information on our website or with a link to a video explaining the relevant IFRS principle or rule to you, often supported by an interactive example. Our chatbot may also offer to chat you through an example of the topic you are learning about. So no more waiting for your teacher in the lecture hall, our chat bot will chat you through an example where ever you are, at whatever time of day. Stuck on your commute or standing in a queue? Why not use that time to learn by taking a quiz? Higher level learning takes place when you are able to teach someone else! So go ahead and contribute to our collaborative quiz database of question anonymously or take credit where credit is due and let us acknowledge you for contributing to your learning and that of others. All questions contributed are reviewed before being added to our database ensuring you get the best learning experience. Ready to take your learning another step up? Try one of our short cases and reflect on the application of IFRS in practice.

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