I Love My Dog

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Welcome to I Love My Dog So Much! I’m Max, the CEO & Pug of this page, and I’m happy you stopped by!

We created this page so that dog lovers (like Dave, who feeds and shelters me and does a few other important things for which I am extremely grateful) everywhere could find, share and enjoy stories, videos and pictures of their dogs. What started out as a simple Facebook page (if you haven’t done so already, please visit and LIKE us!) has grown into a community of over 5 million of the most amazing group of dog owners and aficionados around. And we keep growing!

With this page, Dave and I along with the entire I Love My Dog Team hope to keep spreading the love and sharing the most entertaining and dog-friendly content we can find. And we hope you stick around and upload a few pics and stories of your own. And if you don’t own a dog (yet), feel free to browse around and discover why dog-lovers the world over love their dogs so much!

Thank you,

Max, Dave and the I Love My Dog Team

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