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Welcome to Horseright on Facebook. We are so glad you are part of our Australian equestrian community.

The purpose of Horseright is to share my passion for horses and life in general. I want it to be a platform where information, knowledge, stories and life experiences can be shared, and connections formed. Through sharing I hope that equestrian women, like me, can find support for in their pursuit of a happy life with horses.

Guest blogs and articles

No one is an expert on everything, which is why I’m inviting other people to share their knowledge and expertise. I want to include articles from people who can add value, connect with our readers and share knowledge and expertise on specialised topics.

If you would like to contribute to our community, or comment, provide feedback or request a topic I would love to hear from you. Please contact me by email or messenger and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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