Holy Quraan

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Play the holy Quraan by just saying the chapter (Surah) reference number.

You can play the holy quraan in full by using your voice only!

Launch the app by saying Open Holy Quraan wait for the welcome message to finish, and then directly say Play number one for example for chapter The Opening ( Surrah Al Fatiha).

if you need to play another chapter, say Ask Holy Quraan to play number one or ask Holy Quraan to play number 50 you got the whole Holy Quraan chapters up to 114 chapters you can play.

23-02-2017: Based on our customers feedback, we have published a new update :), thank you all for the amazing feedback and support!

- Now the pause feature is actually working and resuming where the audio has been paused.

- Continuous play of all chapters until a stop request is sent.


- Now Alexa will respond after each chapter (Surah) has been stopped or paused!

Thank you for supporting us, our app has been rewarded with the most skill being consumed on Alexa platform! In return we will be adding two additional reciters soon!

Please let us know in the comments your favorite reciters and we will choose the two based on your feedback :)

Note: for chapter numbers starting from 100, you must say the number as one hundred AND one, or one hundred AND fourteen, else Alexa will not recognize the said chapter number

also always say number before saying the chapter number :), i.e play number 50

For further inquires and feedback please contact us at contact@GOAPP.net

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