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Are you looking for sales and marketing tips for your beauty business?

Do you need help with the marketing of your salon or spa to take it to the next level?

Do you want more bookings and more new clients for your business?

Hollie Power is an award winning salon and day spa owner who has taken her own beauty businesses to the top.

Now Hollie wants to help you make your beauty business the very best it can be.

Using tried and tested marketing methods together you can give your beauty business the boost it needs.

You can look forward to more bookings, more beauty clients, more time off, a busier diary and a fuller till!

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Here's what some of Hollie's clients said about her most recent product, 9 Weeks To A Rocking Beauty Business...

6 months ago I was at best getting 4 clients a week average, I cleaned 3 mornings per week and didn't really advertise but thought that everyone would tell everyone else that I am amazing and they would come flocking. I'm fairly newly qualified so kept undervaluing my skill set and cheapening my service just to keep the few clients I was getting.

Then I started to search for ways to improve my business so I could give up the cleaning and provide for my family. I came across lots of information but I really connected to Hollie's message. With a few simple tweaks I now have double the amount of average clients per week that pay full price, they re-book, buy retail and are introducing friends. I have now handed in my notice with my cleaning jobs. What a difference with a little hard work and change of mind set.

Amber Gregory, Beauty By Mrs G

I'm only on my first week but so far the information has been great - the private Facebook group has been a great source of support from like minded salon owners. I was pleasantly surprised at how in-depth the workbooks and advice are! I know that taking the 9 weeks to really look at my business and what I want to do - coupled with Hollie's and the group's support - I will get exactly where I want to be.

Claire Lowndes, The Beauty Boutique

I signed up and have found the modules very useful, the information that we are given and the way in which I am now looking at our business going forward is much more focused. I cannot recommend your workshop highly enough, thanks Hollie!

Clare Mahoney, Beautiful of Royton

I'm a hair salon owner in Hebburn (Newcastle) and have had my salon 13 years and I know every aspect of hairdressing and brought the beauty side in just over 5 years ago - I'm also extending my beauty business too! This book has been great as its opened my eyes to how the beauty industry works and how it complements my business Hollie has been a great help and I've felt that it covers everything u need to know to make your business a total success I love this page as we an all work together and help each other too. Thanks, defo worth the money xx

Lesley Little, Halo

I run a very small salon above a hairdressers which I made the decision to do just a year ago. I have signed up for the 9 weeks programme and loving it as it is giving me new things to consider, change and grow in my salon the modules given are really helpful and the Facebook group is great as you feel you have someone to ask any questions and help you along giving me more confidence to run my business thanks Hollie Power!

Jade Gillick, Beautywrks

I would like to give a quick thanks to Hollie Power- she has changed my business completely! For a minimal cost, the information in these workbooks i believe is invaluable. If you are willing to work through the books, you too will start reaping the amazing rewards.

Dassah Fineman, Flutter MK

Having signed up to 9 weeks, the workbooks are full of valuable information really helping me change my business for the better, thank you Hollie - such great value for what you get.

Debi Stammers, Mirror Mirror Hair and Beauty

I'm relaunching my salon to bigger and better premises this year and Hollie's 9 week course so far has made me really think about what I want to do and how to achieve it - I love the printable workbooks. The information guidance and advice given is priceless! Thanks Hollie and everyone on the private page.

Vicky Bryce, Abundance Hair and Beauty

You can find out more about 9 Weeks To A Rocking Beauty Business and how it can help take your business from average to awesome here -

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