History Podcasts

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History Podcasts is a smart radio station for history lovers, by Subcast. We play the newest and most interesting shows about all types of historic events and people.

Start on Alexa, and then take History Podcasts on the go with the Subcast app for iPhone and Android. Just go to to download.

- Say “Alexa, Open History Podcasts” and we’ll start playing the latest and best shows handpicked by us.
- Say “Alexa, Next” to go to the next show.
- Say Alexa, tell History Podcasts I love this to start customizing your experience.
- Say “Alexa, tell History Podcasts I hate this” and we’ll never play that show again.

Now Playing:
- Tides of History from Wondery
- the memory palace from Radiotopia
- Annotated by Book Riot
- Revisionist History from Malcolm Gladwell
- Sidedoor from the Smithsonian
- Constitutional from the Washington Post

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