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Hi! My name is Larry Ganz and I am an upbeat host and DJ who is skilled at making singers sound better than ever with some cool mixing techniques I'm provocotive and jovial and go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a GREAT TIME..I am a tri citian native but learned how to mix in Las vegas.....i have an extensive dance and karaoke music library and a crystal clear sound.....I have different shows each night of the week...You should come check me out..If you can sing or not...I'd love to have you come out and play with me. IM ALSO AVAILABLE FOR WEDDINGS AND PARTIES!!!!

Tues- emerald of siam 9 to 1 Thurs The Office Bar and Grill 9pm Friday the Dugout!!! 9pm Sat The Office 9pm NEW SHOW Sundays at the ALLEY!!! the summer time we party on the patio! so much fun

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