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Hey Hot Staff is an online marketplace that allows candidates and employers to connect in a unique way.

The platform showcases the most personable, client-facing candidates on the market and is a great communication tool for employers who care about style as much as substance.

Across the site, employers can post their job opportunities and connect directly with the candidates who fit their criteria. Browsing through profiles and jobs has never been easier. Employers can post jobs, search, filter, connect, chat, download resumes, and set up and conduct video interviews with candidates.

Similarly, job-seeking members are able to create a profile, connect directly with employers and fellow members, and gain access to the hottest job opportunities in town.

Hey Hot Staff searches the globe for candidates that are warm and inviting, with experience to match. Whether you are looking for that perfect job opportunity or that perfect candidate, Hey Hot Staff is here to make it happen.

Assaad Tarabay, Founder

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