Health In Your Home

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Health In Your Home is a growing community of health practitioners, parents and wellness enthusiasts committed to truthful information and healthy, affordable, sustainable living just people helping people! We are part of a global mission to create 10 million healthy homes by 2020.

According to many leading health experts we are chronically sicker today that ever in history and two of the most important areas to be addressed are nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. Most of what is making us sick is in the home so it makes sense to start with the things we have control over....creating healthy homes!

Our lives are a mirror image of the choices, good and bad, that we have made over time. Focus on nourishing and detoxifying your body so that you can have endless energy, balance your hormones, boost your immune system and most importantly prevent disease. The body is a self healing mechanism so if we remove the underlying cause of any symptoms and give the body what it needs it will have an opportunity to heal itself. Always remember no one outside of us in control of our health we are in the drivers seat.

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