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Jiangsu Longliqi Group,known internationally as Longrich International, was founded in 1986 and is now a leading Chinese company specialized in manufacturing skin care and health care products.

For the past 28 years, Longrich has seen steady growth in its market share and expansion which makes us one of the most successful enterprises today. With over 35,000 employees, Longrich are well position to launch their global expansion and be a top leading brand within the next 5 years.

Our trademark have been registered in 183 countries and products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world including Malaysia, Taiwan, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines and since 2014 in the process to expand the business to the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Ghana and the United States.

Longrich Bioscience Philippines Inc, an extension of Longrich Group in Philippines, was established on May 2013 are now entering into its second year of development.

Our advocacy which is to bring the best products of highest value and making it affordable to every Filipino family, made us popular within the Philippines market, that lead to our growth for the past year.

It is our mission to help families and communities transform their lives for the better through our products and incentive programs. Many big names and national corporations here in the Philippines are starting to collaborate with Longrich Group in its wellness and healthcare campaign to help more people.

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