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Since the launch of in 2009, we have worked relentlessly to secure our place at the forefront of the harder-styles music download market and are proud that after only a short time in operation we are considered by the industry as the market leaders in our field. We envision ourselves as a forward thinking, eclectically minded outlet for a spectral host of musical genres. We are a company without borders or boundaries and the music we provide is a clear reflection of this.

The reason we exist is to satisfy the demand from both artists and customers for a reliable, trustworthy, and up to date platform where music and associated products can be regularly released and purchased. Our range of available merchandise has grown exponentially over time, and we now stock items from every major label and DJ. We have exceeded our original goal of providing a broad range of high-quality music and merchandise, and will continue to do so. We stand by our claim that quality dance music makes a quality scene, and this covers all aspects, but especially the production of tracks and the outlet where the public may go to purchase them. We specialize in digital media products in a variety of formats, but our main focus is 320KBPS and WAV, with the price you pay reflecting the quality of the product you desire and adjusting accordingly. In addition to digital media, also serves as an information hub where artists and customers alike can find up-to-date industry news and features such as charts, interviews, and everything required to stay connected with the music you love.

As an artist or label owner, is an invaluable tool available for you to utilize in your online media and marketing strategy. We allow for the creation and promotion of individual 'pages' within our site, which can include single tracks, mixes, albums, and merchandise. Once the construction of your available catalogue is complete, you will get a simple and unique URL, which will reflect your brand name. When the customer enters this URL they will be greeted by everything your label has to offer. As is optimized for all search engines, you will always feature high in the search rankings. This means we will allow you to use our brand name, success, and exposure to develop into different markets, which may have previously been unobtainable. We have used our expertise to ensure that the process of searching for, and purchasing, a track is smooth from start to finish. This results in a well-refined and enjoyable experience for the customer, and in turn means higher sales for your label. Our process is completely automated so you can place your trust in us.

Here at we believe that customer service and quality of product are of the upmost importance to achieving success. We are at the complete disposal of our clients without losing sight of the customer. This perfect balance means we offer a service that is unique to us, and is not available anywhere else on the market.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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