Happily Hooked Magazine

N/A Facebook Messenger Global Rank is a mobile magazine for crochet enthusiasts, showcasing the cutest crochet patterns, best techniques, instructions and lessons, new and noteworthy products, and more.

The Happily Hooked Mission Our mission is to bring together crocheters of all interests and levels to inspire, motivate, and connect them to each other and to the world of crochet.

Magazine Overview Happily Hooked Magazine is a Newsstand app mobile magazine, published monthly, and provides the best of the crochet world including news, tutorials, lessons, industry interviews, new and noteworthy products, the cutest crochet techniques, and of course TONS of crochet patterns for our readers to enjoy!

Description Whether you enjoy crochet hats or amigurumi, a granny square or Tunisian crochet, Happily Hooked magazine offers tons of resources by crocheters for crocheters. Learn a variety of crochet stitches and techniques, find expert instruction, and discover inspiration in articles, interviews, and quality crochet patterns.

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