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Send your text message as an awesome GIF!

With Guggy for KiK you are a funnier person! All you need to do is to type @guggy with a text message and a relevant GIF will be delivered with the text on it.

Guggy technology is pretty advanced. We will smartly predicts the stickers you want to send by using a messaging-oriented NLP engine to analyze your text message and quickly produce a fun GIF. 🐎 🚅 🏇 😜

Some of Guggy's kickass features: 👞

  • Smart 🤓 - Guggy works with contexts and not tags, so you can write a full text message and not just one word.

  • Languages 💬 - Guggy works in any language!

  • Emojis & text smilies 😉 - Feel free to add emojis to your message, Guggy will add them to the GIFs.

  • Unique 💎 - Guggy adds your text message on the GIFs in real-time.

  • Funny exclusive content 😂 - Guggy will show you funny GIFs from exclusive sources.

Guggy is working very hard to allow you to enjoy yourself while texting and to express yourself graphically with funny GIFs. 🔧🔨🔩 🗄

If you have any question, remark, suggestion or whatever you are welcome to send us an email at - we want to hear from you! 🤔 👂

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