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You know nothing, but this Game of Thrones chatbot does.

Who is the bald guy from Game of Thrones? Is Thoros of Myr dead? Will Daenerys and Jon Snow get together? Did I spell Daenerys right? Everybody’s thinking it, so don’t be afraid to ask the obvious questions.

GoTBot is a Facebook chatbot created in solidarity with all the secondary characters you forgot about, plus all the titles and heirs that you never knew existed. It’s for those of you who realise that, in fact, you know nothing.

Not affiliated with HBO. #GoTBot was created with love by Game of Thrones fans.

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Who is Jon Snow? (+any character from the show) Is Stannis Alive? (+any character from the show) Show me Jon Snow naked. Are Cersei and Jamie brothers? Does Varys have balls?