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Use your kitchen’s Amazon Echo™ or other Alexa device to cook some delicious, simple recipes. You’ll find it fun and easy to browse, select and navigate recipe steps with GoodNes™.

Enable the Skill and follow the simple instructions to add your first name and email. We’ll immediately send you a “Welcome to GoodNes!” email with a unique clickable [CONNECT NOW] button that you can use to access the GoodNes™ Visual Guide on your tablet or laptop. For instructions, say:
“Alexa, ask GoodNes about the Visual Guide”

Supported Visual Guide browsers: Chrome, Safari
Recommended for use on devices: iPad tablet (in landscape mode), and laptop

You can use Amazon Echo or other Alexa device with or without the Visual Guide. You’ll be able to interact and view Cards in the Alexa Companion App. This experience is specially enhanced with the Visual Guide because when you talk to GoodNes, you will hear and see recipe images and steps. You can easily access nutritional information, ingredients and utensils that you’ll need. Watch fun facts and video tips to help you learn new cooking and prepping techniques.

To get started, you can say:
“Alexa, launch GoodNes”
“Alexa, ask GoodNes for breakfast recipes” (or lunch, dinner, dessert, supper, appetizer, snacks, main dish)

After finding a recipe or while making it, you can say:
“How many people does it serve?”
“How long will it take?”
“What utensils will I need?”
“What are the ingredients?”
“Show me the ingredients”, when connected to the Visual Guide
“Tell me about nutritional information”
“Show me nutritional information”, when connect to the Visual Guide
“Email me this recipe”
“New recipe”
“Let’s cook”

When cooking, you can say:
“Next step”
“Previous step”
“Play the video” (Close the video by clicking Close on the Visual Guide)

If your session ends, we will remember where you left off. Simply reinvoke the Skill in the usual way, for example:
“Alexa, ask GoodNes what’s next”

You can disconnect the Visual Guide at any time, and easily re-connect another device. There is no limit to the number of Visual Guide devices that can be connected to your Alexa GoodNes Session.

New recipes will be added, but we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the Alexa GoodNes Skill and enjoy a new world of voice and visual connected cooking.

Note: Amazon, Alexa, and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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