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Welcome to Go Natureal. Stoked you’re here!

This website is a digital hub that collects and shares interesting and educational info on nutrition, natural remedies and life hacks for active girls who want to be the best version of themselves through natural alternatives.

#1 Idea Bank Browse our idea bank full of little life hacks, scroll through fun and inspirational facts as well as handy (or just plain awesome) ebooks, accessories and much more.

#2 Nutrition & Weightloss Get nutritional tips on how to be full of energy, lose excess weight and feel amazing in your skin by simply putting the right things in your body, with super easy recipes to browse through for inspiration #youarewhatyoueat

#3 Health Tips Learn about natural alternatives to prescription drugs to treat everyday issues such the flu, to more serious conditions that may stop you from living an active life.

I’m Gee, the founder of Go Natureal. I’m a massive fan of all things natural, from spending time outdoors, through eating as plant based as possible to using real, naturally sourced products to nourish and heal.

My interest in the topic of natural living and the idea for this website was born from my personal experience of getting over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that followed a horrible infection called Glandular Fever. I was always super active, with my life revolving around surfing, snowboarding and travelling. Having to put all of that on hold because of a condition that my doctors seemingly couldn’t help me with, I decided to turn to google and started researching natural alternatives.

With the help of superfoods, essential oils, certain supplements as well as a positive mindset, I was back to my active lifestyle in a matter of weeks.

I’d like to share all these tips and hacks that helped me get back on my feet and enjoy an active lifestyle of sport and travel. Or if you’re doing just great, add as much natural awesomeness to your everyday lives as possible.

Go real. Go Natural!

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