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GINA Talk, your intelligent assistant, sends messages and assigns tasks for you across different Instant Messages (IM) platforms to your friends or colleagues!

Simply tell Alexa to add contacts via Echo, GINA Talk will send an invitation message to your friend’s mobile phone. By joining the GINA Talk community, friends will receive the messages delivered instantly among different IMs and Alexa-enabled devices.

Get Started
1. Enable GINA Talk skill.
2. Link your cell phone number to GINA Talk skill.
3. Done! Now say “Alexa, open GINA Talk.”

To start communicating with your contacts, both parties have to join GINA Talk Community.
1.   Tell Alexa to add contact
2.   GINA Talk will send an invitation short message for your friends to confirm acceptance into the Community
3.   GINA Talk will then send messages to your friends’ Facebook and Skype platform
4.   Recipient will search “GINA Talk” and add it to IM contact list.
5. Respond “Yes” to the push notification request from GINA Talk. Entering cell phone number and verification code are the last steps of the registration.
6.   Say “Help” to get details


How to add Contacts list?
Say “Alexa, ask GINA Talk add contact”

How to send message?
Say “Alexa, ask GINA Talk send message to

How to assign task?
Say “Alexa, ask GINA Talk assign task to

How to read your messages?
Say “Alexa, ask GINA Talk read my message”

For more information, please visit GINA Talk at

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