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My purpose is to help YOU.

What Did You Have For Breakfast?

Did you know it's the most important meal of the day.....of course you did. Do you still not have breakfast? Probably short on time. Then I can help you.

By having an ideal healthy Breakfast, you can increase your energy and vitality and lose weight.

Call me today on 07951 744 493.

Perhaps, you'd like to:-

Gain Weight in a healthy way Gain Muscle Improve Your Sports Nutrition Improve Your Skin Give yourself a Payrise.

Or perhaps you're more interested in Fitness. I run small (max 6) classes and Personal Training Sessions. I help people to lose weight, lose fat and gain muscle. I help people to change their shape and improve their lifestyle.

All classes help you to lose fat and tone and shape up.

Metabolic Effect Classes

Metabolic Aftershock Classes

Metabolic Prime Classes

Tabata Classes

Circuit Classes

High Intensity Interval Classes

Stretching Classes

Personal Training Sessions

Group Personal Training Sessions

Classes are £5 per class. Personal Training sessions vary depending on whether they are 1:1 sessions, group sessions etc.

20% discount on Personal/Group Training sessions for NHS, Police, Ambulance, Fire Service staff.

Whatever it is of the above that I offer, call me for a chat to see how I can help YOU :-)

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